Both as a team and individually, we (Kyle and Shannon Froese) have developed a reputation for our creative design and quality promotional works for both print media and web publications. High demand for fresh creative energy keeps our talents on target, our skills up-to-date and our pencils sharpened.

Kyle is a full time employee at a local print shop. His duties as senior graphics designer/prepress grunt help maintain his focus on the direction of layout in the print industry as well as help him keep up with the standard apps of the trade. He also spends many of his off-hours honing his abilities and advancing/upgrading systems along with having an occasional good time.

Shannon, resident people pleaser, is always found going the extra mile. Her analytical nature translates into an "eye for detail" that perfectly complements Kyle's natural artistic talents. She understands that design is just as much, if not more, about function as it is about aesthetics. It follows that she applies forward thinking to all her designs.

As of now, we are located in Hayward, Wisconsin, in the northwestern part of the state - a nostalgic vacationland of muskie fishing, cross country skiing, lumberjack championships and a multitude of other outdoor activities.